I&#039;m trying to make a page to write cookies, and a page to read information from cookies - all with ASP. Bascially I want, using a form, to have one page have it where the user enters in the info. And a second page that does the following two actions: 1) Writes a cookie based on the previous information, and 2) uses Server.Transfer to transfer to the page that will read the cookie and build a table. <BR><BR>So it should more or less look like this:<BR><BR>PAGE ONE gets:<BR><BR>Row Color 1 <BR>Row Color 2 <BR>Text Color 1 <BR>Text Color 2 <BR>Table Rows <BR>Table Columns <BR>Cell Contents (one word that will appear in all cells) <BR><BR>From my users.<BR><BR>SECOND PAGE<BR>The second page builds a table based on the cookie information. Row colors will alternate (by using the MOD operator).<BR><BR>Any help would be great - still learning. Thanks!<BR><BR>-Valiss