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    Default SQL -> Word VB/VBA Automation

    Hi. I&#039;m *still* looking for a good tutorial on how to get SQL data into a Word document.<BR><BR>Seems like there&#039;s plenty of info on getting Access data into a Word document...but not much on SQL.<BR><BR>Anyone got some juicy stuff for me?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Oh ooooh...

    http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q286/0/23.ASP<BR><BR>I think this is what I want. Any nods or nays?

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    Default oops my bad last time

    I just realized that the scenario you previously described is with the user sitting & looking at a web browser. I had the user looking at MS Word. Duh.<BR><BR>The microsoft method involves creating an ActiveX component (which I&#039;m not entirely comfortable with), but it looks like it has all the stuff you need. The source for the Invoice.cls has very good stuff: connection string to the DB, and Sub MakeInvoice shows very nicely how to shove variables into bookmarks (see invoice.doc for the bookmarks).<BR><BR>I like it (bookmarking the page for later :) )

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