Hi,<BR>I&#039;m builing a web site and decided to do it in ASP.NET with VS.NET. I have a<BR>solution componed by a web projects. Some of them are class libraries and<BR>some ASP.NET webapps. I can&#039;t keep all the files in one single ASP.NET<BR>project, because I want to create separated assemblies for different part of<BR>the project. In other words, I need to have an assembly for the codebehinds<BR>of my UserManager "module", one for the Guestbook module and one for the<BR>rest of the site. I do this way because if I have to change something in the<BR>guestbook or in the UserManager I don&#039;t have to recompiled one big assembly,<BR>but a small one, and I have to upload just that one.<BR><BR>So where&#039;s the problem? The problem is that VS.NET creates a virtual<BR>directory for any ASP.NET app you create. This means that I cannot share my<BR>Sessions variable between my Guestook "module", the USerManager and the rest<BR>of the site, since they run in seprate Application domains. There is also<BR>another problem. My structure is this:<BR><BR>/MyWeb<BR> /Images<BR> /Guestbook<BR><BR>Guesbook is created as a virtual directory, so if I write &#060;img<BR>src="~/Images/test.gif"&#062; it won&#039;t load the image under /Images, since it<BR>does not recognize the parent folder.<BR><BR>All this would not happen if I were developing with a normal text editor and<BR>compiling my assemblies from the command line, because I would not create<BR>the sub-virtual folders but still compile the files in separate assemblies!<BR><BR>So, how to solve this problem, and integrate the separate assemblies? I can<BR>use them as long as I don&#039;t need to share Session variables or refer to any<BR>"parent" path, but unfortunately I need to do that...<BR><BR>I tried to change the Guestbook virtual dir and make it a normal dir, but<BR>VS.NET no longer compile the assembly then...<BR><BR>Any suggestion? Manyt thanks in advance...<BR>- Enav<BR><BR><BR>