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    Does anyone know what the best method of creating a login with password that connects to only certain areas of a SQL server Database using ASP? We want to have the users to be presented with the logon screen and then if validated they would proceed to their secure region.

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    Create a simple user input form with user name and password field.<BR><BR>When you post this to the page with the recordset, on that page, when you open the database connection do this<BR><BR>set cn=server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>cn.O pen "DRIVER=SQLServer;SERVER=(Where the databse resides);UID=" & request.form("UserID") & ";APP=Microsoft Development Environment;DATABASE=(Put the database name here);TranslationOption=Yes",request.form("UserID" ),request.form("Password")<BR><BR>NOTE: Connection string is all 1 line<BR><BR>Open your recordset as normal and the permissions should be correct

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