Images and ASP, how does it works ?

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Thread: Images and ASP, how does it works ?

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    I need to display an image in an asp page. The image adress is stored in an access database.<BR>I tried to use this code : <BR>&#060;img scr = &#060;%objRS(10).value&#037;&#062;>, where objRS(10).value is a string like : "../Images/image.gif". <BR>but it doesn&#039t work. I guess there is a simple method to do what I want, so if someone could give me the code to do that, this would be great. Thanks a lot !

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    I always use MyRS("FieldName") where MyRS is the name of your record set variable and FieldName is the name of the field in your database that you want to display.<BR><BR>Another tip is to view the properties of the broken image in your browser. In IE4+ right click on the broken image and click properties. This will show you where the browser is looking for the file, you might just have got your directories mixed up :)<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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